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We are an Australian Registry - Our goal is to promote ETHICAL pet breeders across Australia - Purebred or Crossbreed. We want the absolute best conditions for our breeding animals and for these breeders to be recognised. A registry where consumers can rest assure that they can select the best breeder possible for their new family member and not meet up with a scammer.

Ethical Pet Breeders are only approved once their identity is verified, along with all documentation to

show that they are adhering to Government animal welfare codes.

Ethical Pet Breeders members must abide and uphold code of practice and standards and follow the guidelines set by us and Australian state legislation
An internal review is undertaken after all documentation is received to ensure their management practices tick all the boxes of an Ethical Pet Breeder before they can be added to the Australian Register

What we stand for...

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What we deliver...


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  • Everyday Pets Breeder Program

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  • Printable Templates

  • Healthcare Records

  • Litter Management

  • Desexing vouchers 

  • Birthing Records

   Our templates will ensure you are compliant     with DPI regulations 


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Suppliers supporting Ethical Pet Breeders Australian Registry 

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Australia's best
Vet Audited
breeder registry.

All of our members are audited by a licenced Veterinary practitioner. That means you can rest assured that their methods of caring for animals, housing them, whelping them and the entire sales process are ethical.
The also comply with all relevant government breeding standards. We require our members to have their breeding dogs screened for genetic defects to ensure they produce the healthiest of puppies

Become a member and join our registry of Vet Audited breeders.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually and your membership will renew each year automatically.

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