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  • How do I register to be on the Ethical Pet Breeders Australian Register?
    You need to read your State's Code of Ethics and regulations and ensure you comply. You must be committed to the highest ethical standards and responsible practices You will need to sign a declaration stating the above We do not accept people that have been found guilty on animal cruelty offences We do not accept people that sell to Pet Shops - which is against the law in most states. For more information on how to be accepted into our Australian Registry please go to our "Code Of Ethics" section
  • What is the Vet Audit process?
    After you have paid for your membership, we will email you a Vet Audit. You are to give this to your nominated Vet. He will be required to come out and view your property, documentation and animals and verify that you are following your relevent State Code of Ethics. This will be required be to signed and emailed back to us by the Vet. We may contact your vet to verify any information.
  • Do you accept Purebred and Crossbred Breeders?
    Yes we do. Our Australian Registry is about Ethical Pet Breeding and ensuring that all aminals bred are of to code and to the highest standards and that all breeders are legitimate.
  • Why do you request my Licence and photos of my breeding premises?
    We need to confirm your identity and that your breeding practice is following code. This will need to be sent in on an annual basis
  • DNA Testing - Why do I need to do this and how?
    Genetic testing is extremely important when considering whether or not ot breed a dog. We MUST ensure that only the healthiest and sound dogs are bred from. It is the responsibility of any anyone that is breeding to undergo these tests and match breeding partners carefully. Breeders should have a good understand of the genetic risks for their breeds Kits are available from Embark or Orivet. A check swab is required to be sent back to the lab. Although an owner can take the swab themselves, we reccomend that your Vet undergoes this process so your result is recorded as an approved method.
  • How do I access your Breeding Templates?
    Once you become a full member you will get full access to our site. Click on Members only Section - Templates
  • Do I need a BIN No as well as a Ethical Pet Breeders Registry No. ?
    Yes you do You will require a Council No/State No/ Bin No or Source No - whichever is relevent to your state's code.
  • How do I gain full membership to the Australian Register?
    Once you have paid for your membership and sent through all your documentation including Vet audit, our team will then review your application. We will then contact you via email on the outcome of your application. If successful, you will receive a Registry No, and full access to our Registry area.
  • How do you accept payment for the Registry?
    Payments are made via our "Pay Now" link This will take you to Paypal You can use a credit or debit card​
  • I am having trouble lodging my application form?
    Please contact us here.
  • Do you share any of my personal details with anyone ?
    All information sent though to us remains confidential. Your documents may be released if there is a court order, RSPCA or Police have requested documentation as part of their investigations
  • How do I check if a breeder registry No, matches the breeder?"
    To confirm a Breeder Registry No is legitimate, please email us at
  • A breeder on the registry is not abiding by the code of ethics, what can I do?"
    An official Complaints form is required to be filled in for us to investigate. Please head to our "Complaints form" and advise where you feel the member has breached the Code of Ethics. A complaint cannot be anonymous but your name will be kept confidential. All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated. Please note - False allegations is contained in Section 314 of the Crimes Act 1900 which states that a person making a false accusation intending a person to be subjected to an investigation for an offence, knowing the person is inncoent of the offence is a crime
  • Can I get a refund?
    Prior to applying to join The Ethical Pet Breeders Australian Registry you are asked to read our Code of Ethics and your relevant State Code. The procedure to review and accept your application is quite time consuming, therefore, if your membership is declined or suspended, your application fee is not refunded and is known as a Admin fee.
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