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How to Spot A Scammer

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

We encourage people to buy from our members as you will have the confidence that the puppy has been raised in a healthy environment, parents are well looked after, breeding dogs have been genetically tested and your breeder has been audited by a vet and identity verified by us.

Our Breeders also have a lifetime rehoming policy

Be wary of purchasing from a probationary member

  • These members have not been vet audited

Some advertisers use other people member no’s – always confirm that the member no is correct with the association

If it looks too good to be true – it usually is

Price – if it is too cheap – it is usually a scam

Do not buy gift cards or deposit into overseas accounts

Scammers usually use bad English and terms not recognised in Australia eg, rabies shot, potty trained, free shipping, buy now buttons, discounts, AKC approved

Puppy photos are usually similar with the same background. If you find all photos are different this is a clear sign of a scam as they have taken photos from other people

There are numerous fake Facebook sites popping up all the time

  • Look at when the page has been created, No likes or very few, No reviews or minimal

  • Pups are usually available NOW

  • Usually have a lot of breeds advertised

  • Do not let you talk to them – it is always done by messenger

  • Always ask where they are located – they usually ask you this first or get this from your fb page – they always ensure they are in a different state.

Adorable Cavoodle puppies for sale, Cavaliers near me, French bulldogs for adoption

Reverse google search the image and see if you can find it on another webpage - search ABN lookup to see if an Australian company - check business names

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